Commissioner Howell’s Fall 2018 Message

Commissioner Howell’s Spring 2018 Message

Commissioner’s Willis and Barbara Howell are joined by Territorial Sergeant Major John Reeves to illustrate more about WHY we do what we do.

On behalf of the Territorial Commander, Commissioner Willis Howell, we announce the first of a series of broadcasts under the title “Territorial Commander’s Quarterly Message.”

This inaugural Winter 2018 edition presents some of what has been going through his mind and heart when he thinks about the future — and the purpose — of the Army’s mission within the territory.

Every employee is being sent this message so that the broadcast might be available to them.

It is hoped that everyone will have an opportunity to see and hear it. Therefore, you are encouraged to find the time to watch the video as soon as you can.

Begin praying now for the territorial administration as its members begin to implement all that will transpire in the coming days. We want souls to the end!

The broadcast can also be found at the following link, or at