Shared Mailbox in Outlook

Shared Mailbox Migration to Outlook, effective evening of Sept 4, 2018 #

Shared Mailbox Migration to Outlook

To: All Southern Territory User Accounts

A shared mailbox allows a group of people to monitor and send email from a single email address, like for a Centers of Operation mailbox or for an external facing mailbox.

The Information Technology Department plans to migrate the existing shared mailbox items from IBM Notes to Outlook. This information is pertinent for users who access shared mailboxes in IBM Notes today.

You will access any existing shared mailboxes within the Outlook 2016 Client or Outlook on the Web. New email received to migrated shared mailboxes will begin to route to Outlook on the evening of September 4, 2018.

The email address used today will still receive mail as we make this change. Please read more details about this upcoming change below.

What You Need to Know:

  • Mail-In Database mailboxes and other accounts used as shared mailboxes in IBM Notes will be migrated to an Exchange/Outlook Shared Mailbox.
  • This will allow you to access it at the bottom of your folders in Outlook with no additional password to remember.
  • The name of the mailbox will be updated to match our convention and help you find shared mailboxes in the directory.
    Each shared mailbox will start with the name “Shared” and have the divisional/command three digit code (CCC) and code for the location (LLL).  This will be followed by the name of the mailbox.|
    For example, the Centers of Operation(CoO) box for: MorgantownWV/CoO/USS/SArmy will be updated to Shared MWV MOR Morgantown Corps
    Another example: NSC Property will be updated to Shared NSC DHQ Property when you look for it in the directory.
    Please talk to your IT department if you need help finding a match for a previous mail-in database in Domino and the new name in Exchange.  To help you, you can look in the USS Address Book for a name starting with Shared DivisionCode LocationCode.
  • On the evening of September the 4th, mail-in databases will be migrated and current email address will be applied to mailbox as the primary address.
    Centers of Operation (CoO) mailbox will have their current email address set as secondary. All new email sent to shared mailboxes will be received in Outlook starting the evening of September 4, 2018.
  • Permissions to access shared mailboxes will be handled through the IT helpdesk. If you are a manager of one of these mailboxes, please email USSHelpDesk@uss.salvationarmy.orgwith requests to access shared mailboxes.
    The Information Technology Department can provide 3 different levels of access to the mailbox:
    (1) Reviewer: Read-Only Access to the mailbox
    (2) TSA Author: Ability to send / receive and create folders. No rights to delete items.
    (3) Full Control: Ability to send / receive and create folders as well as delete items.
    Your Divisional IT Team may have already given the appropriate access to your existing mailbox, please try to open it before submitting a request.
  • Once you have been provided access to the shared mailbox from IT, you may need to manually open the box in Outlook. Only users listed to have full access will see the mailbox load automatically within Outlook.
    The Links to Shared Mailboxes in IBM Notes will also be removed from the portal after migration.

What You Need to Do: 

What We Will Do Next:

  • THQ Information Technology will migrate existing shared mailboxes to Outlook on the evening of September 4th.
  • THQ Information Technology will route new messages to shared mailboxes in Outlook starting the evening of September 4th.
  • Divisional Information Technology will update or provide access as requested to shared mailboxes, please email USSHelpDesk@uss.salvationarmy.orgto log your request.

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