Remaining Retired Officer email accounts are being migrated to Outlook on the Web.

Starting August 1, 2018, All Retired Officer accounts will be migrated to Outlook on the Web.

Active Officers and Employees are already using Outlook.
Shared mailboxes will remain in IBM Notes at this time.

A New User Account will be created upon migration to Outlook with the same email address*.
Please look for an email from for your new password.

The new account will automatically disable if not used within 60 days.

More Details Below:

  1. Username is your full email address (
  2. Default Password is provided via email from
  3. Password change required on first use and every 180 days thereafter.
  4. User Account Password will sync and become Notes Password (For access to Dispo and Salvation Army DIG)
  5. You will receive an email from USSHelpDesk when it is time to change, please click the link in the email to update your password.

*Your email address may change if it does not match this standard:

  1. Existing Mail from IBM Notes Webmail will be migrated to Outlook on the Web.
  2. Use Salvation Army DIG to open Bulletins, Minute Book and other apps at (Will not open in Internet Explorer)
  3. Mail sent to your address with the Underscore or other aliases will no longer be delivered on Outlook First Day.
    Only mail sent to username: will be delivered.
  4. Request to have alias (Old address or underscore address) restored temporarily for 60 days.
    Send email to after migration.

If you are still receiving new mail in IBM Lotus Notes Webmail after August 1, 2018, please take a moment to email and request to be migrated to Outlook on the Web.

If you are NOT receiving any new mail in IBM Notes Webmail, please use Outlook on the Web at to view your mail, calendar, people and tasks.

To get your work email setup on any mobile device using Exchange, view the instructions here. Remember to remove the IBM Traveler profile from iPhones.

To view the Outlook Training and Knowledge Base, visit this page.


If needed, you may still access IBM Notes Webmail at

Authorized Users may open shared mailboxes and appointment mailboxes here.