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Search Help

The Quick Search can handle simple and advance searches. For simple searches, enter your search terms separated by spaces in the search box. All filenames, metadata fields, and categories will be included in the search.

Examples of common quick searches are:

Phrase Search
If the search terms are enclosed by double quotes, only assets matching all of the given terms in sequence will be returned. For example, if you search for “big blue fish” then only assets with the phrase big blue fish will be returned.

Exact Search
If the search terms are enclosed by {brackets}, only assets with a field that exactly matches the given input will be returned.

Field Specific Search
To search on a specific metadata field, enter the label or label abbreviation followed by a colon. For example, filename: blue or fn: blue will return all assets that have blue in the filename. See the abbreviation list of fields for a full listing of available fields.

Does Not Contain Search
To search all fields or a specific field that does not contain a search term, include a hyphen and parentheses around the search term. For example, -(fish) will return all assets that do not contain the search term fish or -(filename:fish) will return all assets where the filename does not contain fish.

Wildcard Search
Begins with and ends with searches can be done by using an asterisk (*) as the wildcard character. To find all PDF files, enter in filename: *pdf. This will return all assets where the filename ends in PDF. For starts with searches, include the wildcard at the end of the search term. blue* will return all assets that start with the search term blue.

Searching Within Documents
The text within Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF documents are searched when a search is run. Disabling this search can help limit search results. Searching within documents can be disabled by adding -docs to the search. For example, blue -docs will search all asset data except document text for the search term blue.

Combine the above search options for more advanced searches. For example:

Search: description: “ice cream” -docs
Result: Searches all asset data, except for document text, for the exact phrase ice cream

Search: filename: (*eps or blue) and dateadded:[before 01/01/2010]
Result: Searches all assets added before January 1, 2010 where the filename ends in eps or contains blue

Search Shortcuts

Search Type Shortcut Meaning
Begins with ab* starts with “ab”
Ends with *jpg ends with “jpg”
Phrase “blue letter” contains phrase “blue letter”
Exact {jelly fish} is “jelly fish”
Contains beads contains “beads”
Greater than >12 greater than 12
Less than <10 less than 10
AND blue AND gold contains blue and gold
OR blue OR gold contains blue or gold
Date Ranges [01/01/2008 to 01/02/2008] date range between 01/01/2008 and 01/02/2008
Date Before [before 01/02/2008] date before 01/02/2008
Date After [after 01/01/2008] date after 01/01/2008
Date On [01/01/2008] date on 01/01/2008
Within X Days [within 10] within 10 days ([within -10] means within the past 10 days)
Negation -(blue) does not contain “blue”
ID #123 id 123
Is Empty key:isempty keywords is empty

Quick Search Key

Fieldname Shortcut
1Division 1d
2BestUse 2bu
3Canthisassetbepublishedexternally 3ctabpe
4Language 4l
AssetGroup ag
AssetsinGlobalCollections acn
AudioDuration ad
AudioDurationOLDdontuse adodtu
AudioGenre ag2
AverageRating rat
BestUseOLDdontuse buodtu
Category cat
City cit
CollectionAssetFilenames cafn
CollectionTitleGlobal cn
CopyrightInfo ci
CopyrightInfoAuto cia
CorpsCadetsCourse ccc
CorpsProgram cp
Country cou
CreatorAuthor ca
CreatorDesigner cd
CreatorPhotographer cp3
CreatorPhotographerAuto cpa
CreatorProducer cp4
DateAdded da
DateUpdated du
Departments ds
Description des
DescriptionAuto da2
DocumentText text
EmbedID eid
ExpirationDate ed
FileFormat ff
Filename fn
Filesizeinbytes size
Holiday hol
ID id
Keywords key
KeywordsAuto ka
LastEditDate lhd
License lic
Licenseifchoseotherpleaseexplain licope
Limitations lim
MetadataType mt
NumberofVersions nv
Orientation ori
OriginalFilename ofn
OriginalFilepath of
PhotoReleaseURL pru
Quality qua
ReleaseDate rd
ScriptActor sa
ScriptAge sa2
ScriptAudience sa3
ScriptCategory sc
ScriptLengthinminutes slim
ScriptTone st
ScriptTopic st2
ScriptWriter sw
ScriptureVerse sv
SpecialSunday ss
State sta
Synopsis syn
Title tit
UUID uuid
UploadProfile up
VideoDuration vd
VideoDurationhhmmssOLDdontuse vdhmsodtu
VideoGenre vg
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