Letterhead Template Examples

Letterhead with Logo
Letterhead with Logo
Letterhead without Logo
Letterhead without Logo

How to Access the Letterhead Template

The template is automatically delivered and available within the Office 365 Version of Microsoft Word on SAUSS Domain Joined Windows Computers. You may need to log off/sign out and back on to see the template listed.

  1. Open Microsoft Word 2016
  2. On the New or Templates Page, click “Personal”
  3. Open the SA Letterhead Template
  4. Complete the Recipient, Letter and Office Details on the Template Form.


On a Mac Computer, please use this link to download a static template that does not use Microsoft Macros. Please login with your AD Single Logon Name Credentials.

Learn about Office 365 and how to get the latest Windows PC/MacOS version with an E3 license here.

How to Fill in the Office Details on the Template Form

In order to help you use this template….

  • The Territorial Commander’s name should be entered with his rank after a comma. i.e.: Willis Howell, Commissioner
  • The General’s name should be entered as Brian Peddle, his rank will automatically show under his name.
  • Use the Other Figurehead for the Divisional Commander or Department Head.