Unable to Login to Great Plains after Windows Update (May 2018)

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Date Posted: 05/15/2018

We have received reports that some users are unable to fully connect to Great Plains over Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP).
Affected users receive an authentication error after typing in a valid password. This issue may occur after the computer completes a Windows Update cycle.

There is an easy workaround/fix for this issue. We are also engaged with Finance and their teams to implement a permanent fix.

Using the instruction below, Information Technology Staff can assist their users by making a change on the local computer.
Note: This change requires Workstation Administration Account. IT will complete this step before engaging GPAssist if the error message and symptom is the same as below.


  1. Run Regedit as Administrator
  2. Locate the Following Key Set
    1. Image:
  3. Add CredSSP key under System
  4. Add Parameters key under CredSSP
  5. Under Parameters add new DWORD AllowEncryptionOracle and set the value to 2, base hexadecimal
  6. Close the Registry Editor
  7. Have the user try to log on the Great Plains again.