Outlook – USS Address Book & Global Address Book

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To access the USS Address Book or the Global Address Book in Outlook do the following:

To view the address book before creating a message

  • Click Address Book under the Find section.

  • The address book will open.

  • You can select a different address book by clicking the drop down arrow next to the address book.
  • Note: An offline copy of USS Address Book is the default address book.
  • Search is by name, first and last as well as company or department.
  • You also have the option to perform an advanced search by clicking Advanced Find.

  • Then you can select to search by last name or any other field.

To view the address book when creating or replying to a message

  • Click New Email under the New section
  • Click the To, Cc or Bcc Button
  • You will be able to search the address books similar to the instructions above, however you will also be able to add users to your message by Highlighting the desired name and clicking either of the buttons at the bottom to insert them in to To, Cc or Bcc Fields