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Distribution Groups are created by IT that are shared within the USS Address Book so that multiple users can use them to reach groups of people at one time.

New Location and Role Groups have been created for every location and generic divisional roles in each division. We encourage you to use these new groups as they are automatically maintained through Information Technology user account and officer move processes. Learn more about these new Location and Role Groups.

In the Outlook Web App, use the instructions below, except you may search directly in the To:, Cc:, or Bcc: fields.

In the Outlook 2016 Client:

  1. Click New Email
  2. Click the To:, Cc: or Bcc: buttons
  3. Search the USS Address Book for the Location or Role Group of your choice
  4. Start your search with the Divisional 3 Letter Identifier. i.e.: Maryland and West Virginia Division is MWV
  5. To search for a Location Group and reach every user account at that unit.
    1. Enter a space then search for the unit name like: “MWV Middle River
    2. The Address Book will return “MWV Middle River Corps” in Bold
    3. You may click either of the recipient fields at the bottom to put the group in that field.
  6. To search for a DHQ or Corps role group and reach ever user account with that role
    1. Enter a space then enter either DHQ or Corps like: “MWV DHQ”
    2. The Address Book will return MWV Role Groups in Bold
    3. You may click either of the recipient fields at the bottom to put the group in that field.
    4. Note: Role groups span locations and will reach every user account in the division with that role. Every account has at least 1 role.
      The DDD Corps Officer role is in every other DDD Corps role group. They will receive the message when other corps roles are used.
  7. These new Location and Role Groups replace older Lotus Notes distribution groups. They are automatically kept up to date through Information Technology processes.
    Every user account here must be in 1 Location group and at least 1 role group at creation. Kudos to the THQ IT Infrastructure Team for this awesome innovation!


In Outlook, groups that were created within the IBM Lotus Notes system are available, but show with a prefix of “USSDomino_”. So, “FLAOCAUsers” will now show as “USSDomino_FLAOCAUsers” within Outlook. This format will work to find groups for any division.

To search for any group you need to email, open a new email, click the “To” button and search for the name of the group. It will appear with USSDomino_ as a prefix.