Outlook – Handling Encrypted Mail

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Note: During the migration our email service to Outlook with Office 365, it is important to change how and when we use encryption on messages to ensure the best experience. Sending and receiving mail through our servers is secure without encryption. The primary use case supported for encryption is: when you know the recipient’s mailbox has been delegated to an assistant or another user and you want to prevent those delegates from viewing that individual message. All messages sent from your box should not be marked encrypted.


Moving forward as we migrate to Outlook, Encryption is being replaced with Message Protection

Message Protection is a new technology available to our Outlook accounts. It allows you to change the permissions of your message to prevent the content and attachments of your message from reaching unintended recipients.

We no longer support any form of email encryption.

  • Learn how to send with Message Protection here.
  • Message Protection works between all email accounts. Office 365 users at any company will be able to receive the full message directly in their message list. Other users will be able to view the message in a browser with a Microsoft Account that uses the same email address.The recipient will receive the following instructions when they view your email:
    • Encrypted message from the US Southern Territory of The Salvation Army secure messaging system
      To view your message
      Save and open the attachment (message.html), and follow the instructions.
      Sign in using the following email address: {Recipients Email Address}This email message and its attachments are for the sole use of the intended recipient or recipients and may contain confidential information. If you have received this email in error, please notify the sender and delete this message.Message encryption by Microsoft Office 365
  • When receiving from a IBM Lotus Notes User to Outlook
    1. Encrypted messages sent to you from an IBM Notes Email User will NOT be able to be viewed by users migrated to Outlook with Office 365. You will receive the following content as the body of the email: [Portions of this MIME document are encrypted with a Notes certificate and cannot be read.]
    2. Please reply to the sender and let them know the following: My email has been migrated to Outlook and I am unable to view this message because it is encrypted. Please resend your message without encryption and I will be able to view it.