Outlook – Delegate Access to Another User

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If you need instructions to open a user’s mailbox that you have already been delegated access to, view this link.

To grant access to another user, perform the following:

For Full Mailbox Access, send an email to USSHelpDesk@uss.salvationarmy.org to request this level of delegation be handled by the IT Support Desk.

  1. The email should come from the user authorizing delegation to their mail file and should include the following:
  2. The email address of the Person who needs to be granted access.
  3. Once implemented by IT, the change will take about 30 minutes to take affect. The delegate will need to close Outlook and Open it again to see the name of the delegated account with their “Folder Pane” on the left hand side. It may appear beneath their primary list of folders.
  4. Full mailbox access is the only level for delegation available from IT and it includes the following:
    1. ​Full Access – Allows the delegate to open the mailbox, and view, add and remove the contents of the mailbox. As part of this, we are also enabling automapping of the shared mailbox to the delegates Outlook client.
    2. Send On Behalf Of – This allows the user to send emails on that users behalf.


To Allow another Outlook User to have view only access your calendar as a “Reviewer”, follow these instructions.
This does not give access to edit the calendar

  1. Open Outlook to the Calendar
  2. Select Share Calendar in the Home Ribbon
  3. Enter the person’s name within the To: field in the Sharing Invitation.
  4. Set the Details that you want the person to see, either “Availability Only, Limited Details or Full Details”
  5. You may also request permission to view the recipient’s Calendar within the same invitation.
  6. NOTE: This will not allow the other users to create calendar items on your behalf.
  7. To grant additional access to edit your calendar, complete steps 1 through 5, then go back to calendar in Outlook client.
  8. Select “Calendar Permissions” at the top of the window
  9. Choose the name of the person who already has “view” permissions
  10. Update their permission level to at least “Author” or “Editor”
    This will allow them to create items and delete items.

For IT Technicians:

Please follow this process to handle delegation requests you receive through the helpdesk system. This process will not work until after your Division has been migrated.

Important things to note:

  • There is only one level of access we can provide through IT: Full Access: Provides Full access to mail, contacts, calendar and tasks.
  • Calendar is included in this with full access to manage events
  • Send of Behalf is also included in this access, people will need to change the “From” dropdown when creating a new email to send on behalf

To Grant Access in Active Directory:

  1. Select the name of the mailbox owner in AD
  3. Then on the Exchange Tab, include the full email of the delegate who should get full access in the delegation box.
  4. Once submitted, provisioning takes at least 30 minutes.
  5. Delegate can then close their Outlook Client and re-open it. Search for the delegated mailbox name at the bottom of their folder list. View this link for more details.

The Owner of the mailbox will get an email of the change confirmation.
Please make sure that the owner of the mailbox requests the delegation or reach out to them before processing.

Calendar Delegation works differently if you are not providing full access to the mailbox in AD.
The users can go to their own calendar and hit share and specify the view only permissions using the instructions above.


Doug has also written a Blog page about this to explain this further.