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Open applications from an IBM® Notes® link or button in an email message. Or, open them directly from IBM Client Application Access (ICAA).

About this task

You can open existing local mail archives in ICAA, but cannot create new archives. With the FQDN support in ICAA, you do not need to create server connection documents.


Open applications in the following ways:

  • Click a Notes link or button in an email message that you receive:
    • Document link: Notes document link icon
    • View link: Notes view link icon
    • Application link: Notes application link icon
  • From the ICAA home page, go to Recent Applications and click a link to an application you recently opened:
    An example of Recent Applications links
  • From the ICAA Workspace, double-click an application icon to open the application.
    An example of an application icon on the Workspace


  • (Windows only) From ICAA, select File > Application > Open. Enter a server name (or keep local selected) and select an application to open.


  • If you open a link or button from an email message and you use Chrome, you see the following message:
    Chrome External Protocol Request dialog

    To prevent this message in the future, select Remember my choice for all links of this type, and click Launch Application.

  • If IBM Notes or ICAA are not already running, you are prompted to log on to ICAA. After you log on, the application opens in ICAA.