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What do I need to get started?

Visit the Directory Update tool to upload a professional photo.

As per Salvation Army policy, profile photos should:

  • Contain only one individual
  • Reflect professional image/attire
  • Be in full uniform for officers
  • Not stretch to fit (crop the image if necessary)

If you have Outlook, follow these instructions:

The following equipment is needed to use all of Skype for Business’s features.

  • Audio equipment
    • Speaker to hear the other conversation
    • Microphone to speak with the other party
      • Both of these are included in a headset which provides the best experience
      • You can use a phone and the call-in information in lieu of the above equipment
  • Video equipment
    • A webcam
      • If you have a laptop then most likely you have one built in

Your work Office 365 subscription includes Skype for Business. It may already be installed on your system. It is also available in the Outlook Web App.
Your attendees do not need a Skype for Business license, they can join as a guest in the browser. If they have Skype for Business, the link will launch their client.For conference calls, encourage your attendees to join via the audio on the computer or mobile app.
You only incur charges when people use the telephone number to dial into the meeting. It is currently a 1/2 penny per minute per person dialed in.
This rate is billed to the organizer of the meeting.  Contact your IT personnel for more information.All other features of Skype for Business are included with your license. Check out screen and content sharing, audio calls, video calls and group message when using the Windows or Mac 2016 client.

Next, you will need the Skype for Business client. You may already have it installed.

Go to the Start Menu or Search on your computer for “Skype for Business”. If you see the 2016 client, you may open it and sign in with your organizational address.

If you do not locate the client, you may download it below. Note: You may need IT assistance to get it installed.

You can download and install the client at Office.Sauss.Net.  Look for Settings > Office 365 Settings > Installs and then Skype for Business client.

Now that the Skype for Business client is installed, you need to log into Skype for Business using your email address and your computer password.


Skype for Business Quick Start Guides

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