Insights for this Change

Mail sent to your address with the Underscore or other aliases will no longer be delivered. Only mail to your AD username ( ) will be delivered. Once you are migrated, you can request a temporary alias for 60 days to continue to receive mail at that address by emailing

Existing Mail will be migrated to Outlook in several passes, starting with the last 30 days prior to your migration date, the 2nd and 3rd pass will begin subsequently and can take up to 7 business days to see most of your messages in Outlook. Calendar, Contacts and Tasks are migrated in the first pass.

You will still have access to view old mail, folders and databases within the IBM Notes Client.

Outlook 2016 may already be installed on your system, please do not try to set it up until the morning of your migration.

Access Outlook Web App using starting no earlier than 8am local time on your Outlook First Day

Center of Operations, Department / Shared Mailboxes will remain in IBM Notes with updated ways to access them via webmail here.

Encrypted Messages, contact groups and folders that are marked private will not automatically migrate to Outlook.

We HIGHLY recommend setting up your mobile device as “Exchange” not just the Outlook app. Learn more.

Any groups that are currently in the USS Address Book in Domino are brought over to Exchange with the addition of “USSDomino_” added to the beginning of the group name. (See for more information.) That said, though, our preference is that you use the new location and role groups (that are already available in IBM Notes). (See for more details.) These are the groups that we will be managing as we move forward.