All Retired Officer Email Accounts are being migrated to Outlook on the Web.

Start August 1, 2018, All Retired Officer accounts will be migrated to Outlook on the Web.

Active Officers and Employees are already using Outlook.
Shared mailboxes will remain in IBM Notes at this time.

A New User Account will be created upon migration to Outlook with the same email address*.
Please look for an email from for your new password.

The new account will automatically disable if not used within 60 days.

More Details Available Here

Outlook on the Web Training
Uploaded on 7/25/2018 to

From SAUSS Information Technology

Outlook Web App, Client and Migration
Recorded Training

Uploaded on 5/4/2018 to

Salvation Army DIG Demo
Notes Apps Anywhere

Uploaded on 11/9/2017 to

From Microsoft Corporation

Meetings, to-do lists, and Outlook Customer Manager

Manage meetings
Manage to-do lists
Use Outlook Customer Manager
(Add In Not Available at this time)
Collaborate with others

Mac, iPhone, and iPad

Manage your email on a Mac
Manage calendars & meetings on a Mac
Manage contacts & to-do’s on a Mac
iPhone and iPad basics

-Please note that if you want to use the native (stock) apps on your iPhone, Android or Tablet, we recommend using the Exchange Account setup method to get your mail, contacts, calendar and tasks synced down to the device. (If you use the Outlook App only, those items will only be available while inside of the app)