Why we’re making this change?

SharePoint online will support The Salvation Army’s effort’s in executing its mission and remains up to date with industry trends. It also supports our efforts to transition to a more collaborative culture. It standardizes and centralizes how information is stored throughout The Salvation Army.
You benefit from the improved ability to search for and find shared content. SharePoint and Teams provides off-site access and reduces the time for Officers and employees to acclimate when moving between locations.

New Home for Departmental Files

SharePoint and Microsoft Teams is where you can save and share files with others in your department and team.  Collaborate on files in a single location with chat and co-authoring capabilities in real time.

This new strategy from Information Technology promotes protection of your company data by providing cloud based sources to save your files.

Learn more about the USS File Sharing and Collaboration Strategy

What’s Going Away

Today, we use older file servers at local locations to share files.
These require you to be on the building for access and editing.

The current O:/ Drive Office Share will be migrated into a documents library on your new Team SharePoint Site.
Please check back here for the migration schedule.

What’s Coming

Now, each location in our territory will have a Team SharePoint Site with a Document Library for easy sharing and co-authoring. Your SharePoint site provides a place for your team to organize and collaborate on content, data, and news to stay on the same page.

SharePoint is the best place to communicate news bulletins, event dates and stories along with your files. Our new Connect hub site will allow you to view and search content on all of the sites for which you have access.

Even more, with Microsoft Teams, you’ll get a channel for your department section to have a chat & collaboration based experience about the files stored in SharePoint.
Microsoft Teams is essentially a doorway to view and use what your team owns on its SharePoint site.

The benefits of using SharePoint and Teams at The Salvation Army include the following:

improving collaboration within corps, area commands, divisions and the full territory
reducing duplication of standardized templates, project files and document repositories
enabling access to mission critical files, content and news on any device at any time
new users will have access to site files and content automatically as assigned by location and role

Learn more directly from Microsoft Corporation below

What is Office 365 SharePoint? / What is Microsoft Teams?

Become an Expert

As we make this change, we want you to become an expert on SharePoint Site Document Libraries and Teams Channels.

Visit the SharePoint Solutions Matrix to get started.