Mailing Labels Document in OMS Contacts

A New Document is available within OMS Contacts to allow you to get a excel list of all Officer Mailing Addresses. You can use this list to do a mail merge for mailing label. This is great for sending greeting cards.

  1. To view the document open OMS Contacts, Click on the Documents.
  2. Under USS, Choose “Mailing Labels” > The File will download.
  3. Use Microsoft Word to create a Mail Merge with this file as the source.


Territorial Mobile Directory links to the Mobile Directory application displaying contact information from Active Directory for officers and employees. The directory can be browsed by location and command as well as searched by name.

North American Dispo

North American Dispo works on your computer and your phone. It provides authenticated access to appointment information for Officers and Key Employee Contacts. You can search the dispo by name, corps, department, retired, serving in other territories and cadet sessions. This new web based dispo includes the Central, Eastern, Southern, Western Territories, National Headquarters and the Canada & Bermuda Territory. It has been established by the USA Central Territory.

OMS Contacts is the Officer Management System Contacts is also a browser based method of looking up Officers from across all four territories.  For this you will need to use the same log in you would for Lotus Notes, Sametime, or Red Shield Toolkit. This tools replaces the USS Dispo in IBM Notes.

USS Address Book

IBM Notes USS Address Book contact information can be found online as well.  The Phone Number information is synced from our Active Directory.  For this you will need to use the same log in you would for Lotus Notes, Sametime, or Red Shield Toolkit. This tools is also available in the IBM Notes Client.

Group Contacts Search on iPhone / iPad

Contact info can be found on an iPhone or iPad Contacts app in the Groups option (no authentication required). It may also be found in the Mail App.
(click the plus sign when on the “To:” field and choose Groups (no authentication required)

Corporate Directory on Cisco Phones

Cisco phones can provide contact info by pressing the Directory button, choosing “Corporate Directory” and following the prompts. This will return a 5 Digit Extension or Phone Number from Active Directory.